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About Us
Silver Disc Productions provided sound and lighting entertainment for Central Pennsylvania for the past 23 years (including 6 years in Cleveland, Ohio.) During these years, we have honed our skills to provide you with the entertainment you expect at your engagement. Since this is "Your" engagement, the focus remains on you and your guests. Our philosophy is that if you are not enjoying yourself, we are not doing our job. Your satisfaction is our goal. Unlike many DJ services, we only book a single event in any given day. What this means for you is that we will never be rushed to pack up at your event or be rushed to setup to make sure we are always on time. Also, we only rent out a single system per day. If you see us at an event, you are guaranteed to receive the same DJ. Many companies will employ many DJ's and book many engagements for the same date and time, often switching DJ's around at the last minute.

Our Appearance
We will dress for the occasion. Our goal is to look professional without ever upstaging you. Our dress includes anything from summer attire to full tuxedos.

Our Equipment
We use only professional grade audio and lighting equipment. We will not bore you with the specifics; however, if you ask, we are more than pleased to show off the equipment we use. As a precaution, we bring a complete secondary audio system to ensure you are not without music. All wires are neatly placed or concealed from view and everything is dressed in black, displaying a very clean look. We also provide wireless microphones for all the announcements so they may be made where it is convenient for the speaker, and not next to the DJ table.

Our Music
Our current library consists of over 50,000 songs from the 1940's to the current top 40. We subscribe to a monthly professional music service giving us 250 new and prerelease songs each month. This service guarantees we have the latest music and is only available to professional DJ's. We are happy to take any special requests.

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