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What To Ask
As you are looking for a DJ/MC to provide entertainment for your event, here are some questions you should ask to get a good feel for who you are hiring.

What type of Equipment do you use?
We use only professional grade sound and lighting equipment. We are constantly upgrading our equipment with the latest technology. Newer equipment ensures better quality and better presentation.

Who will DJ my event?
Many DJ companies hire multiple DJ's and many of these DJ's are just starting in the business. Silver Disc only has one main DJ, the owner. Since you are hiring the Owner to DJ your event, you will receive the best service available, not a college student working for $10.00 an hour while the company takes the rest.

Will you meet us in person before our event?
In person meetings helps in the planning of any event. We like to have at least one face to face before your event. This gives us the ability to get a feel on how you will like your event handled. This also gives you the chance to see how we respond and interact with you and to ensure that Silver Disc is the right fit for your event.

How long will you hold a date for us?
Some DJ's will not hold a date for you or use tactics to pressure you to sign a contract so you do not continue looking at other DJ's. We will hold a date for you for a reasonable amount of time at your request. However, we will not lock in a date until a contract is signed.

Do you carry Insurance?
Liability insurance is a must for any business. If an issue arises, you want to make sure that you and your guests are properly covered. We carry insurance and in all our years of service, we never had to make a claim. But you should have the peace of mind that it is there if problems should arise.

Do you take requests?
This should seem like a no brainer, but some DJ's will not take requests and only play what they feel like playing. Silver Disc always takes requests. We are there to provide entertainment to you and your quests. If we do not take your requests, then we are not providing the entertainment you deserve.

What happens if a piece of equipment fails?
We bring backup sound and lighting equipment. If a piece of equipment fails, we have a backup piece ready to be deployed. Downtime is kept to a minimum. As part of our standard operating, we constantly monitor our equipment to maintain peak performance. Due to the rigorous maintenance, we never had to pull a piece of backup equipment during a performance.

Do you use a written contract?
Every event we do, we use a written contract. Our contract lines out everything for your event so you know exactly what to expect.

Can we come to one of your performances?
The answer to this question might surprise you. Our answer is "No". We are hired to provide entertainment and are not authorized to invite people to an event. In addition, when we are talking with potential clients, we are not devoting our full attention to our current client and their guests. With this, you can feel rest assured that we will not invite anyone to your event as well.

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